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SFBA Sports Performance Podcasat

The SFBA Sports Performance Podcast was created to inform families, youth basketball players, and youth coaches about youth basketball development, coaching, training, equipment, what to expect, and anything dealing with youth basketball. In addition, Coach White and Coach Ken share their combined 30+ years of coaching experience to help you navigate this basketball community.

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Episode 1 - What parents should know before joining an AAU Basketball Program

SFBA Sports Performance Podcast: Episode 1- Ask The Right Questions Before Joining Club Basketball With AAU / Club and Travel basketball becoming so popular many parents are introduced to this community because their kids have friends that also do this. Before jumping in to this world we wanted to give parents some things to think about before saying yes to a program and what to expect from an AAU / Club / Travel basketball season.


Episode 2 - Parents and players navigating AAU basketball tryouts

SFBA Sports Performance Podcast: Episode 2 - Parents and Players Navigating AAU Basketball Tryouts Basketball tryouts can always be an exciting time and a scary time for some players. Too often parents and youth players go into a tryout not knowing what to expect and often end up walking away realizing their child was not selected for the team. Coach Ken and Coach White dive into the world of AAU Basketball tryouts and discuss what families can expect, some questions you should ask, and what are some of the expectations required if your child does make the final roster.

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Episode 3 - 2-3 Zone vs. Man to Man Defense. Which is defense is better for youth basketball players?

In this episode Coach Ken and Coach White discuss the benefits and challenges of using zone defense vs. man to man defense when coaching youth athletes. Spoiler alert Coach White is more a fan of man to man and Coach Ken is more a fan of 2-3 zone.

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