SFBA High School Summer Off-Season Development 2022


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Session A June 13 - July 8 (4 Weeks)

Session B July 11 - August 5 (4 Weeks)

Our focus is to help incoming and current high school players prepare for their school tryouts, basketball season, improve their status on their current high school teams. 

Improve Fundamentals

Basketball IQ

Develop Speed and Agility

Develop Functional Strength

Improve Mobility and Stability 

Eligible Players 

Incoming 9th - Incoming 12th Grade

Only 30 players will be accepted into each session 

15 Boys 

15 Girls

Players Receive

SFBA Practice Jersey

SFBA T-Shirt

Location: St. Stephen's Catholic School Basketball Gym 

473 Eucalyptus San Francisco, CA 

Equipment Used

  • Dr. Dish Shooting Machines

  • Vertimax

  • Blaze Pod Reactive Lights

  • SKLZ Mini Hurdles

  • SKLZ Acceleration Trainers

  • SKLZ Mini Bands

  • SKLZ Recoil Belts

  • Trigger Point Foam Rollers

  • Wilson Evo and Wilson Evolution Basketball

  • Wilson Heavy Basketball

Registration Fee

$1000 / Player

This is a four week program

Program Breakdown

Week 1 (Intro Phase)

  • Each player will take part in our evaluation process on day 1. We will assess their baseline speed, strength, mobility, stability, and basketball skills. 

  • Our coaches will help each athlete reinforce their fundamental skills in our intro basketball development from correcting shooting form, footwork, ball handling, passing, and defense. 

  • Our intro athletic performance program focuses on proper movement patterns and mobility, and stability while performing exercises, athletic movements, and basketball drills. 

  • This week will reinforce movement patterns to reduce the chances of injury and improve performance.

Week 2 (Foundational Phase)

  • Week 2 builds upon the concepts from Week 1. Now that players have learned and demonstrated proper fundamental skills and movement patterns, we advance each exercise and drill level. Each drill simulates everyday in-game actions that focus on shooting, passing, ball-handling, and defense. 

  • We also introduce competition drills from 1 on 1, 2 on 2, and 3 on 3. 

  • The level of our strength and conditioning program increases, as well with the addition of plyometrics. 

Week 3 (Advanced Phase)

  • Week 3 builds upon Week 2. Basketball drills now focus on advanced offensive and defensive concepts. Here we advance our training to more five-on-five actions. 

  • Week 3 is the most challenging week of the program. 

  • Athletes execute drills and exercises at game speed.

Week 4 (Recovery Phase)

  • During week 4, we are no longer teaching new concepts. Each drill builds consistency during in-game situations. 

  • Team concepts are a significant portion of our final week. 

  • Recovery is a significant portion of our final week. Athletes focus on exercises that help each athlete maintain the positive adaptations they've gained while allowing their bodies to recover for the start of their basketball tryouts and season.

  • End-of-program evaluation. We will compare each athlete's initial assessment to the final testing numbers to show areas of improvement and what each player should focus on moving forward. 

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