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AAU Basketball San Francisco, CA SFBA

"We believe in building teams and teaching youth athletes that hard work, commitment, and integrity are still a part of the game."

- Coach White

SFBA Sports Performance Director

SFBA Sports Performance

SFBA Club | Travel Basketball 

The SFBA Club - Travel Basketball program is a San Francisco, CA based basketball club that is designed to develop youth basketball teams and compete in high level tournament events. 

2024 Spring-Summer

Team Rosters

Heading 1

4th Grade

Boys Roster

Head Coach - Coach White

00      Maxwell O. 

2        Peyton E. 

6        Dov Y. 

8        Rylee Y. 

12      James D. 

13      Aaren B. 

22      Jackson S-F. 

23      Lucas D. 

26      Rhys Y. 

30      Nolan B. 

33      Anthony B. 

87      Levi M.

5th Grade
Boys Roster - Team Red

Head Coach - Coach Alex

0        Makaio L.
1        Ren S.
5        Colin J. 
6        Skyler V.
8        Itamar M. 
10      Josiah P.
18      Logan W. 
23      Paxton W.
24      Theo T
30      Zachary Y.
32      Christopher C.


5th Grade
Boys Roster - Team Black

Head Coach - Coach Rom

1          Olivia W.
17        Holden B.
22        Miles D.
23        Keyan M. 
28        Tristan L.
33        Madison A.
34        Benji Z.
            Ethan L.

6th Grade
Boys Roster

Head Coach - Coach Oliver

2        Clive N.
7        Dylan B.
8        Aidan T.
12      Jason Z.
30      Keoni B.
88      Niklas I.
          Zian M.
          Aarav S.
          Elondre B.
          Max B.

Heading 1

7th Grade Boys
Roster - Team Red

Head Coach - Coach Derick

3      Michael R A.
6      Ivan A.
7      Brendon Y.
8      Evan L.
12    Julien A. 
13    Matthew K.
18    Jonas L. 
21    Eyoal A.
22    David J.
35    Miles G
43    Brandon N.

7th Grade Boys Roster - Team Black

Head Coach - Coach Ken

1      Javen A.
2      Taden T. 
3      Brandon L.
4      Jayden S.
7      Steven S.
10    Jayden C.
11    Nehemiah C.
13    Landen C.
21    Preston W.
20    Mason M.
24    Jiovanni P.

8th Grade BoysTeam

Head Coach - Coach White

2      Austin E.
3      Andrew S.
4      Nathan T.
12    Marcos M.
17    Matthew S.
18    Caden L.
23    Christopher T.
22    Ellis O.
28    Guillermo P.
30    Joshleigh C.

10th Grade

Boys Roster

Head Coach - Coach Derick

0      Sebastian B.
2      Sebastian A.
3      Danny D. 
4      Keone T.
11    Oliver D. 
12    Nathan A.
18    Richard D. 
22    Lucas I-R.
23    Wyatt G L.
36    Dexter M. 
        Catcher A.

2024 Fall AAU Season


  • September - October

  • 2 Practices per week

  • 2 Skills / Workout Sessions per week

  • 4 Local Tournaments on weekends

  • 6-7 Teams

  • Practices held in SF, Daly City or surrounding city gym

SFBA AAU Basketball - San Francisco Basketball Tournament

2024 Spring/Summer AAU Basketball Season


  • Pre-Season Practices / Workouts (Starts March)

  • Season Runs from April - July

  • 2 Tournaments per month

  • 2 Travel Tournaments Reno, NV & Las Vegas NV

  • 8 Teams

  • Potential Teams include 3rd Grade - Varsity

  • Practices held in SF, Daly City or surrounding city gym


  • 4th Grade - Coach White

  • 5th Grade Team Red - Coach Alex

  • 5th Grade Team Black - Coach Rom

  • 6th rade Team - Coach Oliver

  • 7th Grade Team Red - Coach Derick

  • 7th Grade Team Black - Coach Ken

  • 8th Grade - Coach White

  • 10th Grade - Coack Derick

SFBA AAU Basketball 6th Grade - Las Vegas Tournament

SFBA Sports Performance AAU Basketball

SFBA Club Basketball Program Elements

SFBA AAU Basketball - San Francisco, CA Basketball Tournament

Each team will have two 90 minute practices per week. These practices will focus on skill development, offensive and defensive concepts, Energy System Development, and building our team culture. Starting in mid-March each team will participate in our Pre-Season program in preparation for the season. The actual season will run from April - July.

Practices are usually from 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM or 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM.

How many practices will each team have during the season?

Each team will have 2 Skill / Performance Training sessions per week. These sessions will focus on fundamental basketball skills, strength training, and Vertimax Training. These are in addition to the two team practices that each team has per week. These are mandatory for players to attend. Skill / Performance Training is usually from 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM or 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM.

What are your Skill / Performance Training Sessions?

AAU Basketball SFBA - San Francisco, CA
AAU basketball San Francisco SFBA

Fall Season

4 Local Tournaments between September and October

Spring-Summer Season

Each team will participate in two tournaments per month between the months of April - July. Six of these tournaments will be local to the Bay Area and 2 of them will be travel travel tournaments. 

Travel Tournaments in Summer

Reno Jam on It Memorial Weekend Tournament - May 25, 26, and 27

Las Vegas Jam on It Grand Finale - July 26, 27. and 28

How many tournaments will teams have for the season?

Once a month each team will take part in performance testing that will measure their Vertical Jump, 3/4 Court Speed, and the Lane Agility Test. This information allows us to track each players progress as well as monitor for extrememe fatigue that may impact performance or be a precursor for potential injury

Athletic Performance Testing

AAU Basketball San Francisco, CA

Each athlete is required to maintain at least a 2.5 GPA at all times. Each athlete must also not have a grade below a C- in any class during the school year. Players that can not meet this standard will be allowed to attend practice but not games until the specific course has met our minimum requirements. Players who fall below this requirement must meet with their head coach during the season to discuss a plan to allow the athlete to reach these minimum expectations. Players will be asked to submit their report cards during each grading period.

Academic Expectations

All athletes are required to have the following equipment

What equipment do you require all players to have?

AAU basketball San Francisco, CA
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