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VertiMax Training for Basketball

Speed . Acceleration . Vertical . Jump Deceleration . Change of Direction

All local and state COVID-19 Guidelines will be followed during our basketball program. As new guidance is provided by our local health officials we will continue to modify our program to stay consistent with guidelines for youth sports.

Available Sessions

Friday December 10th, 2021

7:00 PM 

8:00 PM

Each Session Includes

🔵 Foam Roll Session 

🔵 Movement Preparation

🔵 Landing / Deceleration 

🔵 Linear Acceleration

🔵 Lateral Movement

🔵 Vertical Jump

🔵 Recovery

What To Bring

🔵 1/2 to 1 Gallon Water

🔵 Face Mask

🔵 Indoor Basketball Shoes

🔵 Foam Roller (we will                provide one if you forget        this)

🔵 Waiver Form (Click

      Button Below to           


Vertical Jump

Training on the VertiMax will allow athletes to improve their jumping ability while improving jumping and landing mechanics. 

Lateral Movement

Lateral acceleration, change of direction, and reaction are necessary for every basketball player. The VertiMax will improve your ability to move side to side, change direction and decelerate.

Linear Acceleration

Linear acceleration is essential to any basketball player. Attacking the basket with a quick first step and sprinting back on defense are two examples of why the VertiMax is vital to any basketball player.

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